Berlin Konzerthaus
Big Tour of Royal and Imperial Berlin
Берлин Владимира Набокова

    Экскурсия проводится на английском языке.

    Duration: 4 hours

    Join us on this journey into a dark past as we chart the rise and fall of the Hitler's Third Reich through the buildings and the places it left behind. But we also go beyond the buildings and the bare facts and explore HOWs and WHYs. It's this element which sets our Third Reich walking tour apart. You'll see many of the big sites, including the location of the Reich government quarter and the site of Hitler's infamous bunker. You'll see the Air Ministry (Luftwaffe), the site of Gestapo and SS Headquarters and the Reichstag. You’ll also see some hidden away locations that even Berliners don't know about, from the locations of various firefights in the Battle of Berlin to a part of Wehrmacht Headquarters to a Gestapo interrogation centre.

    Author and guide

    Sean Stewart

    Ever since my first visit in 1992, I have loved talking about Berlin’s amazing stories. As I like to say, Berlin’s story is a Greek tragedy written by Shakespeare and edited by Tolstoy, while at the same time being a vibrant modern 21st century capital. I love sharing these stories with people from around the world and inspiring them to look beyond the tourist clichés.


    Duration: 4 hours

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