Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp
Berlin Konzerthaus
Big Tour of Royal and Imperial Berlin
Gendarmenkmarkt Berlin

    Экскурсия проводится на английском языке.

    Duration: 2 hours

    In this two-hour walk you'll trace the city's past through several major squares and monuments on a tour full of those wonderful "a-ha, now I get it!" moments. You will hear some fascinating stories about Berlin and hit some of the best sites the city has to offer. We'll start with the mighty Alexanderplatz and take in five of the city's great squares. We'll finish at the world famous Brandenburg Gate, the very symbol of Berlin and Germany itself. Best of all? Berlin will go from a city you're just visiting, to a city you feel at home in.

    Photo: damian entwistle

    Author and guide

    Sean Stewart

    Ever since my first visit in 1992, I have loved talking about Berlin’s amazing stories. As I like to say, Berlin’s story is a Greek tragedy written by Shakespeare and edited by Tolstoy, while at the same time being a vibrant modern 21st century capital. I love sharing these stories with people from around the world and inspiring them to look beyond the tourist clichés.



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